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  • Acupuncture foot massager


    The device treats diseases with electrode through digital acupuncture techniques. Enjoy your health.

  • BP Monitor


    Reliable and accurate blood pressure and heart rate parameters are obtained within a short period. The voice function enables the device to communicate results of blood pressure and heart parameters to the user instantly – the apresence of large cuff circumference (22cm-48cm) makes it suitable all size of arms-the most sixty (60) recent measurements can be stored in the monitor.

  • C-Tone Digital Blood Pressure Monitor


    Stay aware of your well-being throughout the day with the c-tone Advanced automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, which stores up to 200 readings so 2 users can store up to 100 readings on 1 device.

  • Digital acupuncture device


    it can be used to treat a wide range of illness in the body starting from even waist pains, menstrual pains, to severe pains like arthritis, partial stroke, hypertension, eye problem, cough, stomach ache, headache, vomiting, stress to mention but few

  • Electronic Pain Relieve Massager


    It not only has the function of acupuncture, thump, massage, cupping, slimming, but also has unique immune regulating function, and the medical physical therapy electrodes, which make the therapy effect more wonderful. It is suitable for whom is lack of sleep, has hypertension, has the cervical pain.

  • Heat Therapy Slimming Belt


    This shape belt is a high-performance device that utilizes palpitate movements in order to slim and tone different parts of the body.

  • Infrared massage device


    This is an infrared massage hammer that doesn’t only relaxes the nerves and muscles but also aids in the treatment of over 35 illness relating to pain

  • Magnetic Therapy Eye Massager


    Electric Eyes Care Machine With 22 Health Care Magnet And 9 Kinds Of Massage Modes Multi-frequency Vibration

  • Spiral Slimming Belt


    Multiple speed Slimming belt is a “professional vibrating belt” that helps tone muscles in areas such as the abdominal, buttocks, thighs, shoulders and calves.

  • X5 Times Ultra-Strong Slimming Belt


    Equipped with high energy infrared heat capable of generating the needed heat in a short time for natural detox. X5Times ultra-strong slimming belt is easy to use and clean with extra-long power cord.