About Us


Inspired Gem also known as I.Gem is a leading advance marketing company dedicated only sales of health devices with over 5 million distributors across the globe. It is founded on the principle of changing lives through its remarkable marketing system and techniques and it's wonderful and enticing payment plan.

The company as been delivering it's promises for more than a decade now, with extensive experience as an advanced health based marketing company. There innovative spirit and visionary leadership. Our vision is to turn I. Gem enterprise from a local organisation to an international enterprise We remain ahead and leading in the industry with our stable business, model, unique, product, leadership program and a wonderful payment plan because of its exceptional growth and exemplary attributes in conducting business. It has been recognized by several award giving bodies from business sector.

I. Gem has poised itself to match the growing challenges in the market by improving it's infrastructure adapting new technologies, satisfying distributors and customers need and training leaders for it's growing international expansion.

Indeed a remarkable character of a strong and stable company with a long term vision built on firm foundation.